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PVP questions (skills related) and counters

Discussion in 'Arena & Challenges' started by Teinas, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Teinas

    Teinas New Member

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    Hello everyone

    sorry for troubling you with these mine little questions but im having an hard time in my pvp challenges :D

    Actually im not a RB one yet but a lvl 74 wizard and mostly my opponent are knight (mainly luk based) and all lvl 80 (which is kinda meh)
    my question are :

    There is a list with skill cast times because so far i figured out that sleep stun and fast interrupt cast while silence and stone are the slow ones, but my question is if my opponent is opening with sleep 1 stun 2 what skill counter that ? (i cant find a skill with a faster cast time unless i mirror them and then RNG god decide who is going to win)

    Also if im playing aganist a pure luk builds is better to go for full damage and ignore debuff skills because all those random resist basically just burn my little SP reserve and add nothing more to the fight.

    Thanks for reading
  2. RuuMY

    RuuMY Moderator Staff Member

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    RuuMY; RuuMZ
    Rune Knight, Ranger
    I guess there is no 100% accurate formula in this. You can invest in Luk gems for resistance to the effects, or arrangement of runes and skills like dexterity skill which can cause your opponent to miss hitting you once you cast it. Pets and runes that shorten cast time can also help to decrease your skill casting time.

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